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Khaleej Times – Dubai Health Authority on Kid’s lunch boxes

The types and amount of food that lunch boxes of school students in Dubai should contain will soon depend on the new guidelines to be issued by the authorities to promote healthy eating habits. Dubai Municipality‚Äôs Food Control Department in collaboration with the Dubai Health Authority has come up with instructions for preparing school meals […]

The first online school in the UAE

Highlights from ‘The National’ article The first online school in the country is looking to recruit pupils for the next academic year. K12 International Academy has so far attracted 17 students to its home schooling courses and hopes to increase this to 200 by the start of the 2008-09 academic year. The school is the […]

School Bus Locator & ‘Child-now-in-School’ SMS Informer

After the death of a 4-year old left behind in a school bus in Abu Dhabi, 2 software companies have developed software to help track the school bus and to inform the parents by SMS once the child reaches the school. Read the full Gulf News article here. Great idea! I hope the RTA also […]