A taste of Pakistan in Dubai

On 24th March, Gulf News had a Pakistan supplement

It had an article on Pakistani food along with a list of restaurants in Dubai famous for their Pakistani cuisine along with their contact nos. :

It had missed out 2 restaurants that I had seen in Karama – Nirala Sweets and Daily Restaurant.

SecretDubai had mentioned Daily Restaurant’s Bihari kebabs on her blog.

Will post the contact nos. of Nirala and Daily when I get them.

Ministry of Labour – New Toll Free Helpline – 800 665

With the construction blitzkrieg happening in Dubai, there are bound to be labour problems. Good of the Ministry of Labour to start a helpline…..hmm..looks like this is more for the companies…there was also a toll free for labour…

…in tandem with the above post, I am posting the low res scan of the booklet for UAE Labour printed last year…the toll free for labour is 800 9119.


Pg 1, 2

Pg 3, 4

Pg 5, 6

Pg 7, 8

YellowDVD – UAE’s first DVD Commercial Directory

Received the YellowDVD in the snail mail last week. The letter included explains this new concept in yellow pages, which if actually seen logically is the most obvious progression in the evolution of the printed Yellow Pages. Just imagine lunging around with the big printed Yellow Pages directory in your bag!
Now I wonder how long it would take Al Wahda Express (UAE’s official Yellow Pages in collaboration with Etisalat) to come out with a DVD version. The YellowDVD has roped in Dubai Municipality…so looks like it is set to dominate Dubai. With Etisalat now charging for its 180 directory phone service, YellowDVD might just about pull it off!

The Direct mailer letter:

The actual DVD – outside and inside:

Bebida – Door 2 Door delivery

Another booklet – catalogue of Bebida, a door delivery service in the UAE – I think- the booklet doesnt mention any particular emirate…though the address says they are located in Dubai. I just scanned a few outer pages and a few inner ones. These guys dont have a website, so ‘ll scan the entire booklet and put it up as a pdf. This door delivery service should be very useful to residents of New Dubai as they still don’t have groceries and supermarkets near where they live and commuting through Duba’s nightmarish traffic jams is not an option.