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Useful Hobbies/Skills to acquire during Dubai’s Summer

Today’s carried an interesting feature on the activities and hobbies one can learn in Dubai. Have scanned that article below:

Top of the class
Last Updated : Sunday 20 May, 2007

When asked about your hobbies and interests are you able to reel off a list of intriguing activities – or do your favourite TV shows, bars and beaches spring to mind? Instead of cursing these balmy days, spend some time getting good at something or learn a skill that you can take through life and maybe even use to smarten up your CV….full article

Earn fame and even money through your home videos and photos!

The UAE media is now giving its readers and viewers opportunities to get their 15 minutes of fame and even money by sharing their videos and photos. I even saw Dubai’s One TV asking viewers to send in their videos and stories during their 7:30 pm local news program.

Here are a few of the ads advertising these opportunites to would be citizen journalists:

1) 7 Days

2) Emirates Today

3) Shoof TV