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School Bus Locator & ‘Child-now-in-School’ SMS Informer

After the death of a 4-year old left behind in a school bus in Abu Dhabi, 2 software companies have developed software to help track the school bus and to inform the parents by SMS once the child reaches the school. Read the full Gulf News article here.

Great idea! I hope the RTA also implements such a display board at all bus stops to let us know exactly at which stops the buses are on and how long it would take to reach this particular stop. Software companies, are you listening?

Useful Phone Numbers – Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah is providing a downloadable PDF with useful phone numbers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah.

Essential telephone numbers in UAE

Staff Report
Published: March 02, 2008, 10:27

Dubai: 999, the emergency number in the country, is one of the busiest numbers in the country, naturally, but often for all the wrong reasons.

Click here to download the Gulf News essential numbers guide for Dubai and Abu Dhabi (pdf)

Click here to download the Gulf News essential numbers guide for Sharjah (pdf)

Many residents call 999 seeking a taxi or to find out the traffic situation. Hundreds of trivial and inane calls are made to 999 every day, hindering the work of police on emergency duty.

A staggering 573,471 calls were made to 999 in 2007 and these were not emergencies. Most were enquiries on speed limits on roads, location of certain departments, traffic fines, transactions related to the Naturalisation and Residency Department and complaints against taxi drivers.

Lieutenant General Dahi Khalfan Tamim, Chief of Dubai Police, recently said: “Nobody knows the amount of effort that goes into answering calls on 999. Therefore, people should only call 999 in case of emergencies which require the immediate presence of security or rescue personnel,” he said.

In an attempt to offer easy access to information, Gulf News has compiled some of the important telephone numbers in the country.

We have compiled some of the essential numbers, including traffic, transport and hospital numbers, which are in an easily downloadable PDF format. We will be adding to the list as and when we get and verify essential telephone numbers

A treat for Book lovers! – Abu Dhabi International Book Fair

The annual Abu Dhabi Book Exhibtion is on and should be a treat to book lovers as well as those looking to picking up some useful titles. Though the ad below says the fair is until April 7th, a related article that I read in today’s (3rd April 2007) Emirates Today states that the fair will be till April 13th…could have been extended due to the response and demand.

I remember attending my first Abu Dhabi Book Fair in 1999 at the Cultural Foundation when starting out a career in web content development…I picked up an O’Reily book – Web Navigation .

Gulf News, 28 Mar 2007