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How to prevent ATM fraud – good practices to follow

Received a SMS from my bank this evening, asking me to change my PIN number from the nearest bank ATM….thought it would be useful to post these precautions to take while using a ATM:

From the Gulf News article today:

– Watch out for hidden devices (in the ATM card insertion slot), but do not try to remove them. Contact the bank if something out of the ordinary is observed.

– Do not let people stand close behind you when using the machine, in order to safeguard PIN number

– Shield with your hand while entering PIN numbers

– If the machine retains your card, contact the bank.

– Never enter your PIN at the suggestion of others.

– Do not write down your PIN, memorise it.

[BIZ CARD] Gerald – Finance House, Dubai

In the Dubai world of bank eats bank credit card offers, here’s a new one on the scene with a better interest rate and hopefully better deals and service since they are new. I got in touch with Gerald for balance transfers on cards from big banks with killing interest rates. Finance House’s low interest rates will keep my head above choppy credit waters for awhile.