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How to handle a snake

How to handle a snake Dubai Municipality Wildlife and Zoo specialist Dr Reza Khan advised anyone who found a snake in or near their homes to attempt to kill it with a strong stick. However, he underscored no one should kill snakes that are found in the desert, which is their natural habitat. Khan also […]

UAE households the target for lowering water use UAE households the target for lowering water use ABU DHABI // The UAE has one of the world’s most efficient water-supply networks, losing only 10 per cent to leaks, so the focus for preserving the precious resource has to be on consumers. And with demand for water continuing to grow, Abu Dhabi’s nine power […]

If you are staying in a shared villa…

Only one family can live in a villa: DM By Joy Sengupta (Our staff reporter) 20 May 2008 DUBAI — In what could come as a major blow to the many families with limited income, especially families of expatriates, the Dubai Municipality has stated that only one family can live in a villa. Officials of […]

New Library in Dubai

I love libraries! Here is the link to the under construction Dubai Municipality library website : (a bookmark might be useful in the future).Dubai – New library is unveiled Dubai – Dubai Municipality yesterday opened a new dhs10.4 million library in Al Towar. Mohammed Jassim Al Eraidi, head of Public Libraries Section at the […]

Dubai Municipality – Pocket sized Contact Card

On display at the Dubai Municipality office in Deira, this business card / pocket sized card contains their Contact Center numbers and contact numbers of all their branches throughout Dubai:

Dubai Internet/Media City/KV- One moe food option

Found this Delivery Menu of Jafla cafeteria in our building lobby in DMC. It says they are located in Jumeirah.

YellowDVD – UAE’s first DVD Commercial Directory

Received the YellowDVD in the snail mail last week. The letter included explains this new concept in yellow pages, which if actually seen logically is the most obvious progression in the evolution of the printed Yellow Pages. Just imagine lunging around with the big printed Yellow Pages directory in your bag! Now I wonder how […]