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Emirates Today Weekly Photo Contest -Dhs.3,000/- worth of prizes

I know a friend who has splurged more than Dhs.6,000/- on a Nikon Digital SLR and accessories. He has already upgraded his camera once and still intends to get more powerful Nikon versions. He calls his obsession – NAS – Nikon Acquisition Syndrome, a term coined by Nikon enthusiasts.

Well, this weekly Emirates Today competition could be a way to get a return on his investment.

A tip: One doesnt have to spend a fortune..for as little as Dhs.250/- to Dhs.500/- one can get 6 megapixels and above digital cameras of the Touchmate, Yashica variety and they serve the purpose beautifully too! My friend has found the daylight picture quality of my Dhs.250/- Touchmate 6MP digital camera to be the same as his Dhs.6,000 Nikon. So go ahead, if you have the interest and inclination for photography…you dont have to let it hurt your pockets!

Emirates Today, 5 April 2007

End of March USEful stuff!

1) E*Trade Financial – Should be great for online investors and home based stock traders.

Emirates Today, 29th Mar 07

2) IKEA – One cannot resist falling in love with their deals…looking for some tables to turn at home?…then the IKEA offer below should do the trick!

Gulf News, 28th March 2007

3) Emirates Airlines Online Booking
– April 2007 fares

Emirates Today, 27 March 2007

4) Etisalat Weyak – Live World Cup Cricket action on your mobile phone –

Emirates Today, 27 March 2007

5) Free Child Safety Book from Babyshop – Good corporate responsibility and great marketing!

Emirates Today, 29 March 2007

6) Young Entrepreneurs Competition, Dubai – Reef Mall, Deira – April 3rd to April 5th

A chance to catch something creative and interesting!

Emirates Today, 29th march 2007

A taste of Pakistan in Dubai

On 24th March, Gulf News had a Pakistan supplement

It had an article on Pakistani food along with a list of restaurants in Dubai famous for their Pakistani cuisine along with their contact nos. :

It had missed out 2 restaurants that I had seen in Karama – Nirala Sweets and Daily Restaurant.

SecretDubai had mentioned Daily Restaurant’s Bihari kebabs on her blog.

Will post the contact nos. of Nirala and Daily when I get them.

Ministry of Labour – New Toll Free Helpline – 800 665

With the construction blitzkrieg happening in Dubai, there are bound to be labour problems. Good of the Ministry of Labour to start a helpline…..hmm..looks like this is more for the companies…there was also a toll free for labour…

…in tandem with the above post, I am posting the low res scan of the booklet for UAE Labour printed last year…the toll free for labour is 800 9119.


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