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Earn fame and even money through your home videos and photos!

The UAE media is now giving its readers and viewers opportunities to get their 15 minutes of fame and even money by sharing their videos and photos. I even saw Dubai’s One TV asking viewers to send in their videos and stories during their 7:30 pm local news program.

Here are a few of the ads advertising these opportunites to would be citizen journalists:

1) 7 Days

2) Emirates Today

3) Shoof TV

Emirates Today Weekly Photo Contest -Dhs.3,000/- worth of prizes

I know a friend who has splurged more than Dhs.6,000/- on a Nikon Digital SLR and accessories. He has already upgraded his camera once and still intends to get more powerful Nikon versions. He calls his obsession – NAS – Nikon Acquisition Syndrome, a term coined by Nikon enthusiasts.

Well, this weekly Emirates Today competition could be a way to get a return on his investment.

A tip: One doesnt have to spend a fortune..for as little as Dhs.250/- to Dhs.500/- one can get 6 megapixels and above digital cameras of the Touchmate, Yashica variety and they serve the purpose beautifully too! My friend has found the daylight picture quality of my Dhs.250/- Touchmate 6MP digital camera to be the same as his Dhs.6,000 Nikon. So go ahead, if you have the interest and inclination for photography…you dont have to let it hurt your pockets!

Emirates Today, 5 April 2007