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Discover Scuba Diving at Jumeirah Beach for just Dhs.100

Got this through an email forward from a friend

“The Royal Scuba Divers International (RSDI) will hold its 3rd Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) on May 23, 2008, Friday at Jumeirah Open beach (see details attached). We invite you to participate in this exciting event and see if diving is for you. I guarantee you that your life will never be the same again!

My friend wrote back asking for more information…and this was their reply:

Thank you for the interest. Discover Scuba Diving is your opportunity to try scuba diving and allows you to experience the excitement and thrill of diving under the safe supervision of a PADI professional. During your adventure, you will master some of the basic concepts and skills in scuba diving. No, this is not the actual course but you will be given the opportunity to experience diving underwater. An orientation will be conducted prior to the actual diving on the same day. The fee of AED100 is inclusive of all diving gears, fins, mask, air tank, BCD, regulator, everything. All you have to do is be in your bathing suit.

Sounds cool…at Dhs.100..should be a great intro to scuba diving.

Earn fame and even money through your home videos and photos!

The UAE media is now giving its readers and viewers opportunities to get their 15 minutes of fame and even money by sharing their videos and photos. I even saw Dubai’s One TV asking viewers to send in their videos and stories during their 7:30 pm local news program.

Here are a few of the ads advertising these opportunites to would be citizen journalists:

1) 7 Days

2) Emirates Today

3) Shoof TV

End of March USEful stuff!

1) E*Trade Financial – Should be great for online investors and home based stock traders.

Emirates Today, 29th Mar 07

2) IKEA – One cannot resist falling in love with their deals…looking for some tables to turn at home?…then the IKEA offer below should do the trick!

Gulf News, 28th March 2007

3) Emirates Airlines Online Booking
– April 2007 fares

Emirates Today, 27 March 2007

4) Etisalat Weyak – Live World Cup Cricket action on your mobile phone –

Emirates Today, 27 March 2007

5) Free Child Safety Book from Babyshop – Good corporate responsibility and great marketing!

Emirates Today, 29 March 2007

6) Young Entrepreneurs Competition, Dubai – Reef Mall, Deira – April 3rd to April 5th

A chance to catch something creative and interesting!

Emirates Today, 29th march 2007