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How to handle a snake

How to handle a snake Dubai Municipality Wildlife and Zoo specialist Dr Reza Khan advised anyone who found a snake in or near their homes to attempt to kill it with a strong stick. However, he underscored no one should kill snakes that are found in the desert, which is their natural habitat. Khan also […]

Travel bans can be cleared at Abu Dhabi airport

Travel bans can be cleared at Abu Dhabi airport§ion=nationgeneral Sent from KT Mobile. 13 Jan 2013 Prospective travellers flying through Abu Dhabi who discover they are on a travel ban list due to unpaid fines will soon be able to still catch their flights. The Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD) announced the setting up […]

Dubai Airport – New Security Rule for Hand Baggage, Effective 17th June 2007

Received the Hand Luggage flyer through email from a friend: