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Time and Steps required for Dubai Work Visa Processing

Posted in the dubai_expats yahoo group by Bilal in response to a query:

After application for new work visa:

1) 2 weeks – required for labour approval from application date

2) After paying the bank guarantee, labour fee and other fees you can get the Visa from DNRD within 2 days after labour approval.

3) After getting work visa from DNRD, go for status change if the person in emirates on visit visa- will not take more than one hour or day.

4) Go for “Medical” (test) after status change and one can get the report in 3 days easily.

5) After getting the “Medical” (test) done, you can go for visa stamping – will require only one day.

6) Along with visa stamping, you apply in post for Labour Card and Labour agreement – will require only one day if the salary is above 4k and if below then u need to wait till 14 working days to get this in post from labour department.

Note: Above listing is only for Dubai work visa processing.

Should you have any further query write to me directly (Bilal).

Ministry of Labour – New Toll Free Helpline – 800 665

With the construction blitzkrieg happening in Dubai, there are bound to be labour problems. Good of the Ministry of Labour to start a helpline…..hmm..looks like this is more for the companies…there was also a toll free for labour…

…in tandem with the above post, I am posting the low res scan of the booklet for UAE Labour printed last year…the toll free for labour is 800 9119.


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