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Many convenient ways of paying traffic fines in Abu Dhabi

From the Gulf News article

Many convenient ways of paying traffic fines

By Rayeesa Absal, Staff Reporter
Published: January 30, 2009, 23:33

Abu Dhabi: There are several ways in which motorists may pay traffic fines imposed on their vehicles. Penalty charges may be paid directly at the traffic departments or more conveniently, online.

Other modes of payment include over the phone by calling the 24-hour hotline of the Federal Traffic and Licensing System and paying through automated teller machines.

The Abu Dhabi Police’s website provides electronic enquiry and traffic fines payment system for motorists across all the emirates, helping residents to save time and effort.
Visit the bilingual website and click the electronic services tab to enquire about the fines. The enquiry may be made using the Federal Traffic Code (Traffic ID) or with the plate number of the vehicle or through the driver’s licence number.

Using the Traffic Federal code for the inquiry will help find fines on all the vehicles registered in the persons name unlike the plate number which only brings up fines on particular vehicle.

In order to pay online, select the fines to be paid, and complete the payment process by keying in your credit card details. The system provides quick and secure service with data being updated in less than five minutes.

To pay in person, go to the ‘Violations Section’ of Traffic and Licensing Department. Submit the vehicle ownership form or the driver’s licence. Pay the fine and collect a receipt.

The office is open from Sunday to Thursday from 7:30am until 2:30pm.

To pay over the phone, call the traffic hotline 8003333.

Details about traffic violations can be obtained in three ways – using the traffic ID, plate or licence number. Payment can be made by credit card. The system will send a fax message afterwards, to confirm payment of fines. Another way of clearing the traffic penalties is to use automated payment machines. These machines, which have touch screens and provide multiple services to customers. The services include inquiry on fines and other services of the police department.

Payment can be made by credit cards or in cash at these machines. They also provide information such as maps, pharmacies, weather and contact details of police stations. Also, complaints, suggestions and security information may be entered.

It is mandatory that all traffic fines on a vehicle are cleared before the registration of a vehicle can be renewed. To be on the safe side, keep all the receipts.

Website offers job search by mobile phone

CareerJunction Middle East has announced it has launched an innovative mobile application that allows job seekers to search and apply for jobs using their mobile phones.

Cool Software for ‘use’ locally!

Now, can they extend this concept to shopping and other local information services? This would be a great hit if the cost of mobile browsing drops even further!

Software keeps moviegoers updated

By Aftab Kazmi, Bureau Chief

Al Ain: Cinema buffs will soon be able to keep abreast of film schedules through their Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) with the help of a software developed by a group of Emirati students.

The mobile application has been designed to update the latest information and services from a preferred movie theatre or all theatres in a given area with a single touch of the PDA.

The group, studying at the College of Information Technology (CIT) of UAE University, has yesterday displayed the application at the annual IT Senior Exhibitions in Al Ain.

Students involved in the development of the software are Alia Darmaki, Asma Falasi, Haifa Beloushi, Mariam Kaabi, and Shamma Ketbi who worked under the supervision of Dr Adel Serhani.

Explaining how the new software works, the students said it integrates the information systems of different cinemas through a web services technology. It has been given the name of Eivom Mobile Cinema Guide.

“The application can be considered an extension of the current web based systems that provide users with such information online,” said the group.

It, however, provides an additional value over conventional web systems as it plays an intermediary role between users and different cinema applications, in addition to providing users with some customised services that match their preferences.

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